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How Much Do Abrasive Leaders Cost?


Do you want to buy an Abrasive Leader?  I didn’t think so.


Far too often organizations ignore, reward or terminate technically savvy people whose dysfunctional abrasive behaviour wreaks havoc on co-workers.  This abrasiveness borders on harassment, increases attrition, can lead to litigation, and always takes a toll on organizational performance.


Deciding to ignore or take action can be a difficult decision.  These individuals may be providing great value by hitting revenue targets and meeting tough project deadlines.  But on the flipside, they are often doing so while leaving a trail of disgruntled coworkers behind them.  It’s important to consider how long other employees will put up with the behaviour before they quit or, even worse, disengage and stay!  Is the value of one employee greater than the potential product of others?


Dealing with the issue takes effort and costs money. If you terminate employment there is often severance and legal fees. There is a way to help leaders change their behaviour without negative outcomes (more on that in my next post).


What if you don’t deal with it and wait until it becomes a bigger problem?  How much does it cost?  How many person hours and dollars are consumed between HR and complaining employees, the next level manager, lawyers, training companies, and the abrasive leader?  How much of a productivity dip is there in others?


We're conducting research to determine the cost of abrasive leaders in organizations. Your input and related stories would be greatly appreciated. Results will be shared and complemented with strategies for taking a stand while creating long-term change.


Abrasive Leader Survey
abrasive leaders yelling at an employee
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