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Career Transition & Outplacement Services


Termination, lay-off, reduction in force. Whatever it's called at your organization there is always clarity on the need for respect and to help impacted employee(s) get back on their feet as quickly as possible.


For the organization, our on-site support puts our representative ready to speak with the employee(s) directly after hearing the news. This discussion helps move their thinking to a possible future and describes the program being offered to them. We can also provide guidance on their ability to return home safely or the need for alternate arrangements.

For the employee(s), our career transition program provides one-on-one professional coaching to support an individual’s efforts to market their unique talents, abilities and qualifications to get the job they want. Coaching is always tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual. The same caliber of service is provided regardless of title or position in the organizational hierarchy.


Typical career transition discussion areas include:

  • Creating a job-search strategy based on individual needs and how effective job searches work today

  • Identifying what career choices will tap into strengths, skills, values and passion

  • Dealing successfully with career transition, any baggage that might exist, and tactics for successfully transitioning to the next opportunity

  • Harnessing social media and face-to-face networking to identify opportunities and get known by others

  • Feedback and guidance for a professional resume, cover letter and references

  • Tips, feedback and practice for interviewing to land the job

  • Negotiating salaries, vacation and other perks involved in job offers

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