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Organization &
Talent Strategy


Is your organization caught in a whirlwind of reactive activities focused on near term results and putting out organizational fires?  Are strategic objectives treated as big projects or are they embedded in the daily work of the organization?


Having a long-term perspective and the ability to bridge strategy to day-to-day operations will generate and ensure sustainable value creation well into the future.


We can help you gain clarity on the desired long-term future state, create an actionable high-level strategic plan, establish clear objectives, and achieve results.


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Strategic Planning Facilitation

From design to strategic planning workshop delivery we will partner with you to help your team, division or organization gain clarity on the desired future state and create an actionable high-level strategic plan.


Talent Management Strategy

Highly integrated and business-focused talent management strategies directly drive business results.  We can help you create a business-driven talent strategy that maps out goals and priorities aligned with the needs of the company and addresses critical talent initiatives, such as attracting, managing, developing, engaging and, ultimately, retaining people.


HR Functional Assessment and Strategy

HR organizations often deal with a lack of clarity and one-size fits all guidance focused on the short-term.  This can lead to ad hoc, disparate, and often unsupported investments and initiatives. We can help you reliably assess functional maturity and importance and establish a structured plan for where and how to improve.


Succession Management

Effective succession management processes proactively identify, select and manage talent so organizations can build bench strength, increase talent readiness, minimize leadership gaps for critical positions, ensure business continuity, and engage high performing talent.  We can help you build a program from scratch or transform outdated plans and processes to create a high-impact integrated succession management program that delivers results.


Critical Talent Retention

In most cases, when employees leave your organization it is bad for business. Finances, business knowledge, performance, and morale all take a hit. We can help you identify your critical talent, find out what makes people choose to stay or leave, and create a plan for keeping the people you can’t afford to lose.


Performance Management

In reality, performance management is management and not an isolated annual event forced upon employees and managers alike. We can help you introduce performance management or transform an outdated program into a mature practice that builds clarity, alignment, engagement and morale.


Learning & Development Strategy

As business evolves and grows and workforce needs change, it is essential that people continue to learn and develop. We can help align your learning function with the organization’s current and future goals, prepare it to meet business needs, and prevent your organization’s talent from becoming stagnant.


Organizational Culture and Effectiveness

Organizational culture stands out as one of the most important factors for achieving goals, attracting and keeping the right employees, and being a successful company. We can help you assess the current operating culture, determine impact on outcomes, validate a need for cultural change, and identify areas where change needs to take place.


Strategic Planning Facilitation
Talent Mangement Strategy
HR Functional Assessment
Succession Management
Critical Talent Retention
Performance Management
Learning Development Strategy
Organization Culture
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